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Semper West Roofing is a company which prides itself in delivering quality service in home improvement and maintenance. Our team of professional engineers, supervisors, and carpenters, all work together to help
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We at Semper West consider our neighbors in the Frederick MD, VA, and Washington DC areas as not just clients, but as partners in our dedication to help our communities by raising our neighbors’ quality of life through better homes and business buildings.That’s why Semper West offers a myriad of residential and commercial construction with maintenance services.

Our crews are experienced in all aspects of maintenance and installation, with our consultants ever ready to visit you and give you a free assessment and quote for whatever project you may need. While nondescript, gutters are an important fixture in a home. They redirect water as it flows down from your roof during rain. This ensures that water won’t collect on your roof and your walls, which may cause them to become waterlogged and rot. Gutters also channel the water so that they won’t be in the way, such as on your home’s doorways, providing convenience and easy access. They are also great as a way to collect rainwater which you can use instead of from the tap, saving you a few dollars in water utility bills.

Gutter Installation

Parts of a Gutter

A gutter usually consists of six parts. Usually these parts come in vinyl or metals such as aluminum, zinc,
or copper. Ask your roofing expert which one is best for your home.


This part catches the water from the roof. They are available in various shapes; from the half round which looks like a circular pipe cut horizontally, to the k-style which has a flat base. If your home is near a tree or similar foliage which may drop leaves on your roof, we can install a gutter with a leaf barrier, which will keep leaves from falling into your gutter and cause clogs.

End cap

The end cap is attached to the end of the gutter to prevent water and other debris from falling off where you don’t want them.


The bracket attaches your gutter fixture to the eaves of your roof and hangs it away from the rest of the house. Contrary to popular belief, there should be a gap between the gutter and the building. This will prevent capillary motion, where water climbs up narrow spaces, to occur. Having a gutter closely attached to a large part of your house can cause water damage along the places where the gutter meets the rest of the building.


Also called a leader, the downspout is a pipe connected to the gutter which drains the water and other debris down to the ground and away from your house. They usually come as fully closed pipes.

Downspout bracket

The downspout bracket attaches to your wall and raises the downspout away so that there is a gap between your house and the spout. Again, this is to prevent water from collecting through capillary motion and damaging your home.


The elbow usually comes in an L-shape and is used to redirect the flow of the water at the bottom of the
downspout away from your home. While some people may opt to leave this part out when installing their gutter, not having an elbow will mean that a lot of the drained water will just fall at the bottom of your home’s wall, which may cause the ground under it to weaken with erosion and lose its support.

Aside from installing your home with a new gutter, we at Semper West can also help you with its maintenance. This will maximize your gutter’s service life, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. Our team of expert workers can install all types of gutters, and repair whatever gutter or home building related problem you may have.

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Gutters & Downspouts

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